Women’s History Month Profile: Jyllian Najar

There is an inspirational quote that says the role of a nurse is to “cushion the sorrow and celebrate the joy.” These words could describe Jyllian Najar, an Occupational Health Nurse.

We’re highlighting her career journey during our observance of Women’s History Month.

In 2021, Jyllian joined CPS Energy as a contractor with the COVID-19 Response Team before becoming a full-time Occupational Nurse with the company.

The pandemic had a personal impact on her.

“Shortly after moving to San Antonio, the COVID pandemic began and I was faced with unemployment in my very specialized skill set. Thankfully, this is how I ended up becoming a part of the CPS Energy team.”

Prior to joining our utility, Jyllian worked in the Pediatric Intensive Care Unit (ICU) as well as Forensics. A forensic nurse cares for patients, physically and emotionally, while also helping with criminal investigations of alleged abuse.

“In this role, I provided care and advocacy to victims of abuse and/or assault by performing a medical forensic exam and testifying as an expert witness in court.”

Safety & Wellbeing, one of our core values, is something she takes to heart.

“I value the opportunity to advocate for our employee’s health, safety and well-being not only while they are at work but even when they are at home.” And, she added, “How can I excel in my role without being mindful of not only my safety and well-being but each employee’s?”

Like others, Jyllian has dealt with wins and losses in her career. Instead of giving up, she decided to pivot. She believes Women’s History Month is a good time to share her inspiration.

“In a profession that primarily consists of women, many great women instilled in me their knowledge, passion and lessons learned that guided me along the way.”

From the beginning, one role model has always provided the right dose of support.

“Without my mom’s sheer will, sacrifice and guidance, I would not have been the first in my family to graduate high school and then the first to graduate college.”

She added, “Without my mom, my dreams would not have stood a chance.”

Losing a job at one point in her career was a hard pill to swallow. Jyllian found a way to cushion her sorrow and celebrate the joy, after accepting a job at our utility.

“I am beyond grateful that I opened myself to opportunities, outside of the box I had drawn around myself. It has led me to a new place with purpose and room to grow.”

2 thoughts on “Women’s History Month Profile: Jyllian Najar

  • What a humbling and motivational story. So glad you kept going and persevered through the pandemic with your career! Welcome to the CPS Energy team!

  • Thank you, Jason


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