CPS Energy Milestone: Local and Diverse Businesses Benefit from Over $1 Billion in   Competitively Sourced Procurement Spend 

CPS Energy is committed to providing reliable, affordable, and sustainable energy services equitably. As part of its Vision 2027 strategic plan, CPS Energy has invested over $1 billion in goods and services to serve our customers in fiscal year 2024, with local businesses benefitting from these dollars. This investment results in local job creation and major economic development for San Antonio and the surrounding counties.  

The types of contracts that have benefited from these local investments include: 

  • Engineering firms designing or installing new infrastructure. 
  • Assisting in the pruning of trees and vegetation surrounding 1,000 miles of overhead lines to limit weather-related outages. 
  • Excavation to install underground lines.  
  • The repair and upkeep of gas lines.  

“At CPS Energy, we depend on a variety of goods and services to serve our community,” said Maria Stanton, Vice President of Supply Chain at CPS Energy. “We are a municipally owned utility and are dedicated to keeping infrastructure dollars here in our growing region.”    

This year’s focus on local vendor spend—those with offices in San Antonio’s Metropolitan Statistical Area (MSA) —is the most to date. Since 2022, the utility has doubled procurement outreach events and carved out more than 70% of the annual spending in fiscal year 2024 for local suppliers.  

To assist more local entrepreneurs in having a chance to win bids, CPS Energy de-bundled 73 large projects into smaller contracts. This resulted in more than double the number of benefited suppliers to 193 with $856 million in contracts awarded.      

With more suppliers, CPS Energy has increased its outreach efforts.  This year alone, CPS Energy has hosted close to 180 events to assist prospective contractors. CPS Energy is partnering with local Chambers of Commerce and business organizations focused on increasing the amount of local spending in our community to co-host outreach events for additional contracting opportunities.  

By providing contract opportunities that resulted in over $1 billion in local spend, CPS Energy is a major contributor to the economic development of our regional economy. It’s estimated that every dollar that CPS Energy spends locally generates a $2 to $4 return on investment for the local business community. 

CPS Energy encourages the business community to visit our supplier page and register to do business with CPS Energy. Interested suppliers may also email [email protected] or call 210-353-2474 for more information regarding our Supplier Development program.  


  • CPS Energy has spent over $1 billion in fiscal year 2024 on local goods and services to serve our customers.  
  • CPS Energy awards many of the contracts to local businesses. 
  • CPS Energy has hosted close to 180 events in FY24 and continues to help companies navigate the procurement process.    

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