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Managing complex projects is second nature to Marine Corps Veteran

It often takes a team to get things done. While all team members have a role, the logistics fall on the shoulders of a leader to organize, plan and execute the task. San Antonio native Marissa Myers has seen it all during her decade of service in the United States Marine Corps, and now she brings that same mindset to CPS Energy.

Veterans Day is Nov. 11 and today we shine the light on Marissa. She is among more than 330 military Veterans working for our company.

Marissa’s commitment to military service is in her blood. Both of her parents were Russian linguists in the United States Army and were stationed abroad during the Cold War. Her older brother served in the United States Air Force and influenced Marissa to join the Armed Forces.

“He had told me stories of his time over there and I knew I wanted to join,” said Marissa. She recalls hearing about the camaraderie among the airmen during boot camp graduation and how fulfilling that experience was.

Marissa Myers (center) with her team in Afghanistan.
Marissa Myers (center) with her team in Afghanistan.

Marissa joined the U.S. Marine Corps in 2011 and became a logistics officer for supply chain operations. Any equipment or personnel on the move by land, air or sea was under her instruction. During her 10-year service, she earned the rank of Captain and assisted U.S. military personnel stationed in Norway, Iraq and Afghanistan.

Her various assignments allowed her to develop valuable leadership skills.

Marissa recalls helping a young Marine learn how to properly do a “slick” bun for her hair so she would stop getting in trouble for messy hair. The young Marine confided in Marissa about her rough upbringing as a child and never having an opportunity to practice hairstyling.

“I asked her to come in about 15 minutes early so that I [could] teach her how to do her hair in the public bathroom in our building. This routine lasted for about 3 weeks,” Marissa said. “It was beautiful to see someone open up to you if you show a little compassion.”

Learning the power of compassion strengthened her leadership skills and showing trust helped her overcome one of her toughest challenges. While deployed to Afghanistan, Marissa was put in charge of “tearing down” all equipment and personnel from one base to another.

 “The last couple weeks of final evacuations our drones identified that the Taliban were completely surrounding our base,” she said.

Marissa Myers with her husband, Walker, and daughter, Jade.
Marissa Myers with her husband, Walker, and daughter, Jade.

Marissa and her team, along with security forces detail, were the last to leave. Fortunately, they all evacuated on time and transported the equipment to the other base safely.

“That was one of the few times the mission genuinely came first. There weren’t any politics involved, rank didn’t matter, it was all about helping each other out,” she said.

Marissa met her husband, Walker, while serving in the Marine Corps. Together they have a daughter, Jade. In 2021, she turned down a promotion and decided to leave the military to spend more time with her daughter.

Marissa returned home to San Antonio and joined CPS Energy in January 2023 as a Program/Project Manager for Talent Development. It is a job that allows her to continue managing complex projects and many personalities. Her role focuses on strategic planning and creating pathways for team members to achieve career success. “CPS Energy not only allowed me to serve as an ethical leader, but I was able to genuinely find a work-life balance that I had never experienced before,” she said. “People really do come first here at CPS Energy.”

Thank you, Marissa, and all Veterans for your dedication, commitment and service to our nation’s Armed Forces.

John Elizondo is a contributing writer for CPS Energy.

2 thoughts on “Managing complex projects is second nature to Marine Corps Veteran

  • Awesome! Thank you for your service.

  • Marissa! I’m humbled and inspired by your story. Thank you for your service. I sincerely look forward to working with you in the future. – Molly Bolte, Strategic Alignment Planning & Performance


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