CPS Energy’s tree adoption and sustainability efforts recognized on Earth Day 

Did you know that CPS Energy has been working towards making San Antonio a greener and more sustainable city?  

For over 20 years, we have contributed towards this goal through our tree donation program, and we are proud to say that we have donated over 30,000 trees to the local community so far!  

A photo of a visitor wanting among the trees on promenade at Hemisfair park

We are dedicated to planting more trees and have recently partnered to expand the tree canopy in the new Civic Hemisfair Park by sponsoring and rescuing six trees at risk of being cut down and transferring them to this city park. 

These six trees have a significant impact on the environment as they help remove about 18 tons of carbon dioxide (CO2), prevent 264 pounds of pollutants, and cut stormwater runoff by 63,017 gallons over the lifetime of the tree.  

A photo of trees in Hemisfair park overlooking the fountain
Some of the CPS Energy-sponsored trees are along the promenade.

So, what’s the benefit of trees besides cleaning the air we breathe?  

  • Trees offer shade, lower temperatures, and save energy for businesses, homes, and the community.  
  • Depending on where a tree is planted, a household can reduce energy use by up to 25%, boost the property value of the home, and improve the environment.  
  • Urban trees can decrease peak summer temperatures by 2–9°F through shading and moisture retention.  

At CPS Energy, we believe in encouraging sustainable choices. That’s why we’re encouraging our customers to take advantage of the Green Shade Tree Rebate. By purchasing a qualified tree before April 30, 2024, you can earn a $50 rebate while also contributing to a greener San Antonio.  

Beyond our efforts to expand the tree canopy, we’ve been making changes to how we operate our power plants to reduce emissions. 

  • For example, since 1997, CPS Energy has reduced NOx emissions, which contribute to smog, by over 75 percent.  
  • Cut sulfur dioxide (S02) emissions by over 98 percent.  
  • CPS Energy has also reduced its CO2 intensity by 57% since the 1980s, meaning less CO2 is released for every megawatt sent out to homes and businesses. 

We are also supporting the city’s efforts toward carbon neutrality by 2050 by growing solar,  wind and exploring other new energy technologies for a more diverse and greener power generation mix to keep the lights on. 

CPS Energy’s work in growing solar energy with the community has also paid off. San Antonio is  number one in Texas and fifth across the nation for solar energy generation capacity.  

In addition, CPS Energy’s  Sustainable Tomorrow Energy Plan (STEP) expands on the first phase of programs by making more community solar available, especially accessible for low-to -moderate income customers who may not be able to own rooftop solar panels and still reap the benefits of renewable energy. 

STEP also offers customers over 20 energy conservation and energy efficiency programs that save enough power to avoid the need to build a small power plant and cut down on 1.85 million tons of carbon.  

We’re committed to providing sustainable energy services for the community, and we’re proud to say that we’ve received recognition from Texan by Nature for our conservation efforts. At CPS Energy, we believe in celebrating Earth Day every day by keeping the power on in a more environmentally friendly way. 

A photo of QR code on a rescued tree at the Hemisfair park
Visit the Civic Hemisfair Park and scan the QR codes to learn more about these trees.

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