CPS Energy has a variety of ways for customers to pay their energy bills

For customer convenience, CPS Energy is sharing a number of different ways available for customers to pay their CPS Energy bills. In the video below, Christen Waggoner, CPS Energy’s VP of Customer Experience Operations, discusses different options available for customers to do business with CPS Energy.  

As a reminder, other ways for customers to contact CPS Energy and pay their bill include:

  • Customers can pay online by signing up for the Manage My Account feature where they will also be able to see their exact energy use in the My Energy Portal. When paying online, customers can make a one-time payment by ACH/eCheck or Credit Card through Manage My Account. To do this, customers should select Pay My Bill – Pay By Credit Card to make a one-time Credit Card payment. There is a $2.35 convenience fee assessed by our payment processor when paying online by Credit Card.
  • Customers can also make a One-Time Payment Online by ACH/eCheck, Debit Card, or Credit Card with no Manage My Account required, this also has a $2.35 convenience fee.
  • Customers can set up an Auto Pay option to have their monthly bill balance automatically withdrawn from their bank account. This option requires no convenience fee.
  • Customers can schedule an appointment online to discuss their account at any CPS Energy Customer Service Center to make a payment or request assistance with their bill.
    • Customer Service Centers operate Monday – Friday, 7:45 a.m. – 5:00 p.m., and are closed on Saturday and Sunday. If a customer cannot make it to one of CPS Energy’s Service Centers, they can also visit other payment locations to make a payment to their energy bill. To view other payment locations please clickhere.
  • Customers can Pay by Mail by using the pre-address return envelope included with their energy bill. The mailing address for bill payments is as follows:
    • CPS Energy
      P.O. Box 2678
      San Antonio, TX 78289
  • Customers can Schedule a Callback if they need to speak with an Energy Advisor.

For more information, please visit Ways to Pay My CPS Energy Bill on CPS Energy’s website.

CPS Energy also has multiple bill assistance programs for customers. Customers can visit Payment Options & Customer Assistance on CPS Energy’s website for more information on payment plans and additional utility assistance programs.

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