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September 6, 2022 (SAN ANTONIO) – Today, the CPS Energy Board of Trustees voted to approve a contract for Rudy D. Garza to serve as President & CEO for the utility, effective immediately. The Board previously voted to enter 30-day contract negotiations with Garza during a special Board meeting on August 23, 2022.

The Personnel Committee includes Committee Chair Janie Gonzalez and Board Chair Dr. Willis Mackey. National search firm Russell Reynolds was retained to assist with the CEO search.

“We congratulate Rudy D. Garza on his selection as the President & CEO. He is more than qualified and has proven to have the skills, expertise, leadership, and heart to lead CPS Energy,” said Dr. Mackey. “I thank my fellow Board members and Personnel Committee Chair Gonzalez for making sure we made a timely decision. There is much work at hand for Rudy and our team at CPS Energy, and I’m confident in our future success.”

“Today is an exciting day for our Greater San Antonio community as we announce that Rudy D. Garza is the President & CEO of the nation’s largest municipally owned electric and natural gas company,” said Vice Chair Janie Gonzalez.  “I am proud to have led this process to get Rudy in place to continue to lead CPS Energy into the digital future. This is a critical time for our community and Rudy has proven himself to be the leader this organization needs to serve our customers and community. I thank Chair Dr. Mackey for his leadership and support. I also want to thank the Mayor and our entire Board for ensuring we completed Rudy’s contract in a timely and fair manner.”

“Rudy has earned the opportunity to lead CPS Energy,” said Mayor Ron Nirenberg. “He has done an excellent job as interim CEO, and his deep knowledge of the utility and the community it serves made him a clear choice for the job.”  

“I congratulate Rudy and look forward to working alongside him as he and his team are charting a path to net zero through the generation planning process, they are going through with the Rate Advisory Committee and through innovative new energy efficiency and conservation programs,” said Board Trustee Dr. Francine Romero. “I have been impressed with Rudy’s leadership, transparency and accessibility and I look forward to working with him and his team more.”

“I want to thank the Board of Trustees for having confidence in me, my leadership and that of my team,” said Rudy D. Garza, President & CEO of CPS Energy.  “Our accomplishments in my Interim role is a testament to our employees’ commitment to our customers during what has been a challenging period for our organization. I also want to thank our community for the honest dialogue we’ve had with them to help make us better. I’m honored to run the largest municipally owned electric and natural gas company in the nation, working alongside our 3,000 employees, and I’m excited about the future.”

Garza’s 3-year contract runs through January 31, 2026, and includes a 2-year extension option, at a salary of $655,000. There is no incentive or bonus pay.

While Garza served as Interim President & CEO for 10 months, he led the company to the approval of the first rate case in 8 years, approval for the next phase of energy efficiency and conservation programs, and discussions with the Board of Trustees and the Rate Advisory Committee on future power generation planning. Garza has more than 25 years in the utility industry and has served as a leader in both the public and private sectors. Garza has a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering from the University of Texas in Austin and a Master of Business Administration from the University of North Texas.

Garza is the first Hispanic leader to serve as President & CEO of the company. Before his Interim President & CEO role, he served as Chief Customer & Stakeholder Engagement Officer for the company. Garza joined CPS Energy in 2012 and previously served as Senior Vice President of Distribution Service & Operations where he oversaw the maintenance and construction activity of the electric distribution system and has also served the company in the role of Vice President of External Relations.


About CPS Energy

Established in 1860, CPS Energy is the nation’s largest public power, natural gas, and electric company, providing safe, reliable, and competitively-priced service to more than 907,526 electric and 373,998 natural gas customers in San Antonio and portions of seven adjoining counties. Our customers’ combined energy bills rank among the lowest of the nation’s 20 largest cities – while generating $8 billion in revenue for the City of San Antonio for 80 years. As a trusted and strong community partner, we continuously focus on job creation, economic development, and educational investment. We are powered by our skilled workforce, whose commitment to the community is demonstrated through our employees’ volunteerism in giving back to our city and programs aimed at bringing value to our customers. CPS Energy is among the top public power wind energy buyers in the nation and number one in Texas for solar generation.


  • I told you Mr. Rudy Garza that you would be the next president and CEO of CPS Energy I just had a good feeling about it I knew you would be the right person for it so therefore that being said me God bless you and your family and CPS. Keep us strong.


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