Black History Month Profile: Program Lead shares career journey with company

During Black History Month we’re putting a spotlight on one of our CPS Energy team members, Brandy Russell, Program/Project Lead, with the Corporate Responsibility team.

Brandy is reflecting on her career journey and why she appreciates the opportunity to share some details during the annual observance.

In 2016, the door of opportunity opened and Brandy Russell joined our company as an Energy Advisor.

“One valuable lesson from my time as an Energy Advisor is recognizing the pivotal role CPS plays in people’s lives.”

Energy Advisors help our customers with payment plans and share details about our assistance programs. Sometimes they find themselves connecting customers to resources for basic needs like food, water, or medical care.

“It’s crucial that we embody the support we’d wish for ourselves and provide the assistance that others need in managing their energy needs, whether they be financial, emotional, or physical,” she explained.

About seven months ago, Brandy joined the Corporate Responsibility team to help serve our community in a different role.

A photo of Brandy Russell

“I collaborate with nonprofits, academic institutions, and energy thought leaders to achieve our Educational Impact goals.”

She is also having an impact as president of the Alamo Region Chapter of the American Association of Blacks in Energy (AABE), an employee resource group.

Brandy says AABE is always seeking new members and annually provides scholarships for high school seniors. She welcomes a chance to share this information during Black History Month.

“I think it’s important for all organizations who have been affected by the contributions of Blacks and African Americans to observe Black History Month, and even more so if your employees, stakeholders, and community partners are of Black or African American descent. However, I think we should honor, protect, and teach black history all year long.”

Brandy is always teaching her son to love himself, his heritage and the world around him.

“My son is an amazing and intelligent 8-year-old. My hope is that he and the people who he must share the world with vow to protect it and each other. Drawing from the example set by his father and I, I hope that he vows to serve his community through his unique gifts, protect our planet, and always remember that he stands on the shoulders of giants.”

Like a giant, her son might someday rise up to become a community leader thanks to his mother’s love and support.

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