Your business can get paid to save this summer

A hot South Texas summer can pay off for local businesses.

Higher temperatures during the summer months and increased use of cooling systems in homes and businesses increase the demand for energy and create pressure on the statewide electric grid. To relieve some of this pressure and help ensure electrical resources across our community, CPS Energy offers local businesses the opportunity to curtail their energy use in return for financial rewards. It’s a win-win solution for all.

Last year, dozens of local businesses reaped the rewards of energy conservation through our Commercial and Industrial Demand Response (DR) program. Schools, hospitals, hotels, manufacturing facilities, even a local quarry, voluntarily participate in the program. In total, more than $5 million in incentives were paid out through the program. Valuable energy resources were saved. This year, we’re looking for more customers looking to cash in on the rewards of Demand Response.

In short, participants adjust chilled water temperatures, turn down lighting, reduce pump speeds on certain equipment, and take other measures to trim energy use during called conservation events. Often, these changes do little to disrupt daily operations. Companies enrolled in the program say the rebate checks are a great incentive. And the energy-saving changes, which also lower the company’s monthly bill, are unnoticeable to users and visitors in their facilities.

How can you get involved in Demand Response? Just call your business account manager at CPS Energy or check out for more details. Our staff will help you identify opportunities for energy reduction in your facilities and determine targets to help you reach financial incentives.

“We show businesses ways to reduce demand that won’t hurt the business or their customers,” said Rick Luna, CPS Energy’s senior manager of product development. “Paying businesses to cut back for a few critical hours several times a summer costs far less than firing up extra power plants.”

Demand Response can even work for a small business. It’s often as easy as upgrading to a programmable thermostat like our Smart Thermostat. These devices save energy and offer rebate incentives for participating each summer.

Many companies participating in Demand Response also have invested in new, more energy-efficient equipment. Advanced lighting technologies and high-efficiency heating and cooling systems can have a significant impact on your company’s energy bill over time. CPS Energy offers a variety of commercial rebates that can help your business achieve energy savings.

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Scott Wudel

Scott was part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.

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