Employee’s passion for the environment, people and animals runs deep

In commemorating Women’s History Month, CPS Energy is spotlighting some of the more than 700 women who make up our workforce. Serving in all different types of capacities across our utility, each of these women is vital to ensuring our success in delivering reliable power to our customers and in supporting our community.

Today, we shine the light on Angela Rodriguez, Interim Director of Climate and Sustainability. Angela and her team help ensure our community’s natural resources are being used in an environmentally friendly and sustainable way so they’re available for future generations. Last year, Angela took on an additional assignment as she began work to represent CPS Energy in the creation of the City of San Antonio’s Climate Action and Adaptation Plan.

We recently had the opportunity to sit down with Angela to learn more about her professional and personal experiences.

CPS Energy: What leadership roles do you serve in outside of our utility?

Angela: This year, I began serving as co-chair of the San Antonio Chamber of Commerce Energy & Sustainability Committee, and for the past 10 years I’ve served on the Large Public Power Council (LPPC) Environmental Task Force.

CPS Energy: Who have been some of the influential women in your life?

Angela: My grandmother (Meme), my mom and all of my aunts.  I’m very lucky to come from a family of ladies who knew how to lead without being bossy and who always showed compassion for others. They taught me to respect and take care of the Earth, animals and all other people. I’m fortunate to have all of them as supporters.

CPS Energy: You earned a degree in chemical engineering. Were any of the women in your family engineers?

Angela: Actually, they are nurses and teachers so having an engineer in the family was quite a change, but you can be a classy, compassionate lady who wears dresses and still do math and science. I think some people try to teach little girls to choose between being a fancy, sweet princess or being intelligent and good at science. You don’t have to choose; you can totally do both.

CPS Energy: How have you seen the role of women in the energy industry shift over the years?

Angela: When I first started in the utility industry in 2001, most of the women were in administrative type positions. At TXU, I was the only female at the gas-fired power plant where I worked, and later I was one of only two ladies in the chemistry section at the Comanche Peak Nuclear Power Station. Over the years, I’ve seen so many more women get added to and move up in the utility field. It’s encouraging to see how many women have been elevated to leadership positions throughout the utility industry, across all fields of work. We have so many great female leaders here at CPS Energy.

CPS Energy: What advice do you have for other women to help them succeed?

Angela: Always be supportive of one another. Use all resources available to you. Ask for help when you need it; don’t try to do everything on your own. Each person is different and has special talents and skills. When all those talents are used collectively, and you work as a team, so much can be accomplished.

Thank you, Angela, for the work you do in serving our customers and community, and in protecting our natural resources.

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Pam Maris

Pam is part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.

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