Wind energy blows away old record

Our spring weather kicked into high gear last week as we blew away our previous wind energy records! Wind from our seven contracted farms powered 45 percent of our community’s energy needs last Tuesday. Yes, you read it right – 45 percent! With the tall turbines spinning, an abundance of natural gas, and low market prices in the state, our coal plants are producing far less electricity than in previous years.

“The wind record and decreased coal generation demonstrate the power of having a diverse generation portfolio,” said Cris Eugster, EVP and Chief Generation and Strategy Officer. “This diversity gives us the flexibility we need to pivot with our generation choices and make decisions that keep rates steady, which benefit our community in more ways than one.”

Tomorrow, Cris will deliver a keynote speech on Transforming the Utility Business at ETS16. It’s the second year a CPS Energy leader will speak at the Energy Thought Summit in Austin.

Image of CPS Energy stats
Intro slides provide sneak peak of Eugster’s ETS16 March 31 presentation.
Image of CPS Energy's generation mix
Intro slides provide sneak peak of Eugster’s ETS16 March 31 presentation.


Part of the transformation is less reliance on fossil fuels, and increased low-carbon resources – to the tune of 65-percent by 2020.

Solar energy leader, with jobs to boot

Clean energy from wind and solar is part of our strategy. In just the past five years, we have more than doubled our combined renewables and natural gas generation. By the end of this year, we’ll have a total of 500 megawatts (MW) of solar. That’s enough to power 100,000 homes!

With the largest amount of utility solar in the state and an initiative that’s created a local solar manufacturing hub, CPS Energy is taking the lead in clean energy generation and technology. That’s good for our state grid, our customers, and our community.

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Christine is part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.

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