Unplugged: ‘Wakeup call’ helps Scheel overcome health challenge

Celebrating the holidays with family and friends will feel extra special for one CPS Energy employee. Just last year, Phillip Scheel, a data analyst for our power plants, was told by his doctors that he had six months to live. That prognosis was surprising and devastating for a guy who simply was looking to get in shape for his 50th birthday.

In the following video, Phillip recalls how he used the support of his family and friends to develop a positive attitude while he was ill. With a new attitude, he was able to make a complete recovery.

[youtube_sc url=”https://youtu.be/EEQSdLDgPB0″]

Today, Philip is the healthy man he aspired to be before his illness. Just two weeks ago, he completed 5K and 10K run events as part of San Antonio’s Rock and Roll Marathon. He says he doesn’t plan to slow down his active lifestyle. But his ordeal is a reminder for others to be prepared — to have personal affairs like a will, life insurance, guardianship for children, and other legal documents in order in case they are faced with a life-threatening illness.

Scott Wudel

Scott was part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.

5 thoughts on “Unplugged: ‘Wakeup call’ helps Scheel overcome health challenge

  • Great story! A positive attitude makes all the difference!

    • Thank you Melody for your feedback. Thank you for reading our stories. -Albert C

  • The secret to life is a positive attitude and you have proved that!! Great Job!!!

    • Thank you Kim for your feedback. Thanks for reading our story. -Albert C

  • Thanks for your support. It’s been a real awakening and I’m happy to have made it through. Enjoying every day that I have.


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