Unplugged: Luschen shows United Way spirit at Boysville

At work, David Luschen uses his leadership skills and expertise to make sure our customers have reliable electric service. As director of the Eastside Service District, he oversees crews working on utility equipment that deliver electricity to homes and businesses in our community. During his personal time, he continues serving the community as a board member of Boysville, a non-profit organization that provides vital services to kids in crisis.

Luschen has helped students get scholarships and taken part in fundraising events like the annual Wildest Auction in the West. He’s also taken some of the kids Christmas shopping. Luschen remembers one particular holiday season when he took a teenage boy shopping with $100. Before the boy bought himself anything, he made a point to buy his sister a $50 pair of shoes. Then, he bought himself a pair of shoes.

“It’s these kinds of stories that really tug at your heart strings,” said Luschen. “It’s a humbling experience and really puts things into perspective.”

Boysville is one of more than 100 agencies supported by United Way. Luschen proudly shares stories with his employees about Boysville’s impact on the community. Over the years, he’s taken small groups to visit the campus and see the real world inside Boysville for themselves. During this month’s corporate-wide campaign, Luschen’s employees at Eastside Service District got a chance to hear about the agency’s emergency shelter that directly benefits from United Way.

United Way Giving
Each year, our generous employees are proud to support our community through United Way.

“United Way support helps us provide care for the influx of children who come into our emergency shelter on a daily basis,” said Faith Green, a Boysville development associate. “Those who support Boysville through United Way help provide shelter for kids who come to us at 3 a.m. with nowhere else to go.”

Luschen also shows his strong support by designating his full United Way donation to Boysville. He’s one of many employees who give to the agency. In 2015, Boysville was eighth in total dollars of designated giving for CPS Energy with about $6,900. This year, it’s on pace to reach or surpass that amount. Luschen asks employees and others in the community to give to United Way to support important agencies like Boysville.

“I strongly encourage you to give to United Way,” he said. “If you prefer, designate your donation to a favorite agency or agencies. Also, when possible, visit a United Way agency to see the impact your donation can make.”

Sam Taylor

Sam is part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.

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