Thousands of Baby Catfish Make a Splash at San Antonio Lakes

It was a cloudy morning when CPS Energy and Texas Parks and Wildlife arrived at Braunig and Calaveras Lakes. Their goal? Stock over 140,000 juvenile catfish into these prime fishing destinations in an effort to restore the catfish population. These lakes remain some of the most popular fishing areas in and around San Antonio- the city with more fishing licenses sold than any other metro area in Texas.

“This is an opportunity to improve the fishery and provide a resource that is valuable to our area,” said Gregg Tieken, Sr. Manager of Environmental Operations at CPS Energy.

With 30 percent of the catfish released into Braunig Lake and the other 70 percent released into Calaveras Lake, CPS Energy and Texas Parks and Wildlife understand the importance of these lakes to the community. Not only do they provide ample fishing opportunities to avid fishermen, but they also provide a place for relaxation and recreation to families in and around the San Antonio area.

Although the 3-5 inch catfish released are too small to catch and eat now- you can expect to catch anywhere from a 12-14 inch fish once they have fully matured in three to four years. Now that’s something worth waiting for!

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