Team members showcase rewarding careers at CORE4 STEM Expo

Jay and Jimmy have a knack for tracking down the right solution to keep our community safe from gas-related hazards. Jimmy Stinnett, a Gas Inspector on our Damage Prevention team, inspects high-pressure gas lines to make sure contractors dig around them safely. Jay Jenschke, a Pressure Control Journeyman, maintains equipment in the field to ensure safe delivery of natural gas to homes and businesses across our community.

Recently, Jay and Jimmy dedicated time for another important initiative – sharing about their rewarding careers at the 10th Annual CORE4 STEM Expo. About 50 employee volunteers connected with more than 1,000 students to share how they use science, technology, engineering and math to provide our customers with safe, reliable, affordable power.

Each year, we join our business community at the annual San Antonio Hispanic Chamber of Commerce event to inspire the next generation to find a dream job in STEM fields. Now is a critical time to recruit young talent to be the next scientists, technicians, engineers and math experts.

“We have a lot to offer as far as careers,” said Cristina Duarte, Manager of Education & Mentoring Programs. “We’re reaching a time when we’re going to have employees retire. We’re also starting new projects. Through those projects and retirement, we need employees with special talents. By participating in CORE4 STEM, we’re able to expose students to various careers.

Check out this video to learn more:

Jay, who was hired on as a laborer 17 years ago, worked his way up to journeyman, a skilled worker who has successfully completed their official apprenticeship qualification in their craft. Journeymen are proficient in their field. Jay said he wants to encourage the next generation of skilled workers to take advantage of rewarding careers at CPS Energy.

“They are our future,” said Jay. “There’s always a door open and people that are retiring. We want to encourage young people, new talent to come in.”

Are you or someone you know interested in applying for internships? Internships will be posted the week of Nov. 25. Visit to learn more and apply.

Sam Taylor

Sam is part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.

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