Team members show their love for the environment at Basura Bash

While taking out the trash may not stir as much emotion as say a beautiful arrangement of red roses, it can get you some brownie points with your sweetheart. It’s one small way of doing something extra sweet for that special valentine in your life. Taking out the trash, specifically recycling, is also a great way to show some love for the environment as well. That’s what more than 2,000 volunteers, organized under the San Antonio River Foundation‘s nonprofit umbrella, will be doing this Saturday at Basura Bash.

Teams will mobilize all around our community to pick up scrap metal, tires, and all kinds of waste that clog local waterways. CPS Energy is a proud sponsor of the monumental effort to clean up creeks, streams, and rivers in our community.

“Our team members who participate in Basura Bash are passionate about protecting the environment,” said Kim Stoker, Senior Director of Environmental Planning & Compliance. “It’s always great to see them bring their kids along and to teach them the importance of taking care of our community and the environment.”

Mya and Grace Varner, grandchildren of Data Control Clerk Sharron Idrogo, help out our volunteer team at last year’s Basura Bash.

Now in its 25th year, Basura Bash has recruited more than 36,000 volunteers since its launch to clean up trash accumulated in about 20 tributaries from storm drainage, runoff and illegal dumping. The event helps conserve natural resources and protect flora and fauna along local waterways. Among the smallest items volunteers pick up are cigarette butts. The largest item found was the size of a Ford pick-up truck. Last year, more than 2,170 volunteers communitywide picked up about 27 tons of trash and collected 3,400 pounds of metal and 259 tires for recycling.

Tom Brotherman, an Environmental Analyst at CPS Energy, has many fond memories of taking part in the event for the last 15 years. He fell in love with Basura Bash after helping our team of volunteers clean up around the site of our former Mission Road Power Plant just south of downtown. Now, he and his wife, Cheryl Drake, enjoy running the clean-up effort at the Buddy Calk Trailhead on the city’s Northwest side near UTSA.

Rose Miorelli-DeLeon, Material Coordinator, also has a big heart for the annual cleanup and will be glad to join our volunteers again this Saturday at the Salado Creek reach at Tobin Park. She’s learned firsthand the positive impact of recycling while coordinating that function for our Company the last four years. Rose works with our contract companies to make sure our old utility poles, wires and other materials get reused or recycled. Each year, our Company recycles about 400,000 tons of material, keeping about 90 percent of our materials out of landfills.

Have our dedicated team members inspired you to show some love to the environment? There’s still time to sign up with your friends and family for Basura Bash. Also, you can do your part at home by placing all recyclable items in your blue recycle cart. Click here for some additional tips and resources from Basura Bash.

Sam Taylor

Sam is part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.

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