Smart Meters Making Life Easier for Customers

At CPS Energy, we are always researching new technologies that we can use to invest in our community and bring added value to our customers. Our Smart Grid Initiative is a major upgrade to our electrical grid, allowing us to keep pace with 21st century electric grid demands. As part of this initiative, we recently finished installing over 1 million “Smart Meters” on customers’ homes and businesses.

How do Smart Meters work?

Smart Meters communicate electric usage wirelessly to CPS Energy through a network of devices installed on utility poles, streetlights and substations. These meters will support increased electric and gas reliability, boost efficiency and help reduce costs.

OK, but what benefits do I get out of this new meter?

Both our commercial and residential customers benefit greatly from our Smart Meter investment. These meters allow us to better measure the amount of demand placed on the electric grid, improve meter maintenance and have a faster response to gas and electric inquiries. They can help prevent outages and reduce the length of outages that do occur. Smart Meters also limit the amount of CPS Energy trucks needed on the road, reducing greenhouse gases and helping the environment.

Our customers are the reason we continually improve our operations. Smart Meters mean less manual meter reads, faster power restoration and more privacy for customers, since our employees don’t need to go into customer backyards nearly as often. Customers are able to have their electric service connected or disconnected without the waiting period it takes to send a technician to the home.

So…will this make paying my bill easier?

Smart Meters do allow for greater customer autonomy, now that you can monitor your day-to-day energy usage through My Energy Portal. The portal gives customers more opportunities to conserve, as well as self-service capabilities for financial management of their account. Smart Meters reduce the need to estimate bills.

The benefits of these cutting-edge meters are numerous. Without a Smart Meter, you miss out on these high-tech functions and features. If you don’t have a Smart Meter and would like one installed on your home, call us at 210-353-4264. If you have any questions or simply want to learn more about what your new meter does for you, visit our website.

Trace Levos

Trace is a part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.

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