See a lineman, thank a lineman

Three-thirty in the morning, not a soul in sight. City’s looking like a ghost town, on a moonless summer night. Raindrops on the windshield; there’s a storm moving in…before you go any further I should tell you this is not just a Garth Brooks song. Rather, a real-life scenario for the men and women who work to deliver safe, reliable, and affordable electric service to our community. For our team of employees who proudly call themselves overhead or underground power line workers, it doesn’t matter what time of day it is, they are always on call to do what it takes to keep electricity flowing.

Tomorrow, July 10, is recognized nationally by the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), as Lineman Appreciation Day, a time to show gratitude to the people who, despite blistering heat, unfavorable winds or frigid temperatures, work so that all of us can benefit when we flip on the light switch. Taming the temperament of electricity is no easy job. For the men and women of CPS Energy who take the challenge, the reward of keeping your lights on, far outweighs the risks.

That’s why Lineman Appreciation Day is special to them, they know it’s a day of recognition dedicated to the work they do, but what it really means is recognition of their tireless efforts for the community.

Although their chosen profession encompasses years of training to master their craft, it is their heart and desire for excellence that pushes them forward to defy all obstacles.  To their families, who support and share them with our community, we say thank you for your dedication.

These unsung heroes keep this community thriving and growing. Often their work goes unnoticed, and their courage is taken for granted. Whether it’s working on overhead or underground power lines, the work they do never stops. On July 10, please take a moment to #thankalineman. Their work gives us all the Power to Dream.

So, if you see a lineman tomorrow in their easy to spot blue long sleeve shirt a simple thank you will go a long way. And remember, they will be out there working for you the next time the thunder rolls…and the lightning strikes. 

Italicized song lyrics from Garth Brooks, No Fences album released 1991.

John Moreno

John is part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.

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