Residential Customers Have the Lowest Average Bill

From October 1 to October 7, CPS Energy proudly joins the nationwide celebration of Public Power Week and Public Natural Gas Week. We stand alongside more than 2,000 community-powered utilities that collectively provide energy to 49 million Americans. As a community-owned utility, CPS Energy’s top priorities are serving its customers and providing resilient and reliable power services. According to the American Public Power Association’s 2023 Public Power Statistical Report:

  • Residential customers of public power utilities have the lowest average bill—saving approximately $27.91 per month. CPS Energy has lower combined electric and natural gas utility bills than Houston and Dallas markets with investor-owned utilities.
  • Public power customers experienced half the average outage times as customers of other utilities. Over the past two years, CPS Energy has trimmed 1,300 miles of trees which reduces customer outages.
  • Public power supports energy efficiency more than other utilities. To reduce customer bills, CPS Energy offers the Sustainable Tomorrow Energy Plan, including the weatherization of over 30,000 homes.
  • Public Power makes more investments in renewable energy. According to the report Shining Cities: The Top U.S. Cities for Solar Energy, San Antonio is ranked first in Texas and fifth in the nation for total solar photovoltaic (PV) capacity. 
  • In 2020, community-owned utilities reinvested $1.5 billion to support vital city services—this is 20% more than private utilities. CPS Energy alone invests 14% of annual revenues to fund vital city services such as public safety, parks, libraries, senior centers and more. This amounts to about $1 million a day back to the City of San Antonio.

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