Recovering from the Holidays

After weeks of planning and prepping, the holiday gift-giving season has come to an end. The season brought fun, excitement, family celebrations and gifts galore.

Smartphones, TVs, tablets, speakers and game consoles were at the top of the list. These technology items are fun, convenient and often make our lives easier. Some even provide hours of entertainment but do any of them save you money?

One smart technology device that saves you money is a smart thermostat. If this gift didn’t make it under the tree this year but you are interested in saving money all year long, we have deal for you with our Bring Your Own Thermostat (BYOT) special. Through January 31, our one-time rebate on eligible thermostats is increasing from $85 to $150. This increase, paired with the annual $30 bill credit per household, gives new participants an immediate return on the investment.

To get your one-time $150 bill credit follow these simple steps.

Customers who already own a qualifying Wi-Fi thermostat are eligible too. They can simply go online, enroll in My Thermostat Rewards and collect the $150.

Smart thermostats make it simple and convenient to manage your energy use, they give you greater control over your monthly energy bill and offer the option to monitor and control your home’s largest energy user right from a smartphone or tablet. Some even allow you to create a personalized heating or cooling schedule while others learn your schedule and habits.

Having these conveniences available at your fingertips makes it easy to save energy and money. And after the holidays, who doesn’t want to save money?


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