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A native of Mexico, Dulia De La Rosa Rius moved to San Antonio at the tender age of 11 and graduated from Brackenridge High School. She planned to continue her studies in the field of medicine, but a self-hesitancy and lack of financial means disrupted that dream. After doing a short mindful reboot, she enrolled in a college computer class though still not sure what career path to follow.

Then destiny stepped in.

Dulia discovered that while completing the enrollment and advisory part of the college process, she had actually signed off on a degree plan in computer applications. It proved to a perfect fit for her. Dulia had a natural knack for programming and was fascinated by being able to write code and get the correct, expected output.

She went on to earn several degrees related to the computer field: an Associate in Computer Application Systems from Palo Alto College; a Bachelor’s in Computer Applications with a minor in Economics from Our Lady of the Lake University, and a Master’s in Industrial Engineering with a concentration in Computer Applications from St. Mary’s University.

Dulia De La Rosa Rius, an SAP Functional Analyst at CPS Energy

Dulia initially worked for CPS Energy from 1994-1997 as a Programmer Analyst in the Enterprise Information Technology (EIT) department. She returned to our Company in 2012, using her educational and work experiences as a Program/System Analyst for EDS Asset Health and later as an SAP Functional Analyst in Technology Services – a role she took on last year. SAP, for those not familiar, is a computer software application widely used throughout the utility. Dulia supports several SAP Logistics modules including Sales and Distribution, Plant Maintenance and Project Systems, as well as SAP Integration programs to support our Substation Maintenance and Claims departments.

Along with her career at CPS Energy, she belongs to the South San Antonio Chamber of Commerce and completed the City South Leadership Class.

Earlier this month, we kicked off a series spotlighting a handful of the nearly 730 females working for CPS Energy as we commemorate Women’s History Month. Like their male counterparts, these women work in various roles throughout the Company, from analysts to engineers, equipment operators to crew foremen, and from managers to CEO.

Today, we shine the light on Dulia.

Keep reading to learn more about her.

Us: Why did you choose to work for CPS Energy?  

Dulia: I was lucky enough to be chosen by CPS Energy for a co-op position when I was in college. Everyone was so friendly and kind to me; I fell in love with the culture. Once I received my undergraduate degree, I applied for and accepted a full-time position as a Programmer Analyst in the EIT department.

After a few years, I decided to switch to a career in industrial engineering and switch companies — CPS Energy didn’t have a position in that particular field. Even though I learned a lot at other companies, met very interesting people, got to travel and was compensated well, none of the other work places felt like CPS Energy. CPS Energy felt like home, and I really wanted to come back. On my very first day back, I literally felt like I was coming back home; I was very happy. It was nice to see familiar faces full of smiles.

Us: What would you say are one or two of your greatest accomplishments at CPS Energy?

Dulia: The Pole Attachment Dashboard that I created using Tableau while I was working as a Program/System Analyst for the Asset Health team. If someone needs to know what other services are on our pole, an internal link takes them to the dashboard. It displays the attaching phone and cable entities — AT&T, Charter, Grande, Spectrum, etc. — that are on our poles, as well as other details such as contact information for each company, the age of the pole and last inspection date.

Along with that project, I’m pleased that I’ve had the opportunity to serve as a mentor for high school students and a Reading Buddy for second-graders.

Us: How has the pandemic impacted you?

Dulia: I took a new position right at the beginning of the pandemic. Because I was working from home, most of my training was done virtually. Fortunately, my manager and team members have been very helpful and supportive. My new co-worker is my 8-year-old daughter. She sits next to me while attending virtual school.

When I start to feel the walls closing in, I focus on all the positives that these circumstances have put us in.

Us: What changes have you seen over the years regarding women’s careers and the roles women are filling?

Dulia: When I first started working full time at CPS Energy, most of the engineers and managers were men. Now I see a lot of females being hired as engineers and both my manager and director are women. I think it’s important to have a good representation from both genders; it creates a balance in the work place for all of us. I’m also seeing a more diversified workforce.

Us: In 3 words, how would you describe yourself?

Dulia: Always seeking self-improvement.

Us: Ending with a fun question, what’s something most people don’t know about you?

Dulia: I was a member of a local Japanese folk-dance group, Matsuri, for 19 years. We would perform at Folklife Festival, Asian New Year’s, schools and retirement homes and local venues.

I became interested when I saw an ad seeking Japanese dancers while attending Our Lady of the Lake. I called the number and was invited to go watch a performance. I immediately fell in love with it. The kimonos were so beautiful, and the dancing was so graceful.

Dulia has worn many hats both professionally and personally — as an SAP Functional Analyst, colleague, mentor and even Japanese dancer. And probably most important of all, she’s a wife to husband Juan, and a mother of two: son Valjean and daughter Isabella.

As we wrap up our Women’s History Month series, we extend our heartfelt appreciation and thanks to Dulia and all the other women who work for our Company for the valuable work you do each and every day in serving our community and customers!

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