New employee shares how internship prepared him for career

Erik Treviño grew up helping his dad, a local electrician, install electrical wiring in homes. He quickly learned the value of hard work and decided to pursue an electrical trade. At MacArthur High School, he developed his skills in the Electrical Systems Technology Apprenticeship program. Each year, about 40 students get on-the-job training while installing home wiring on four Habitat for Humanity homes. Erik was trained to size and install electrical wiring, switches and plugs according to the National Electrical Code.

While in the program, CPS Energy linemen came to visit his school during the spring semester of 2017 for a job shadow day and invited students to apply for an internship program launching that summer. Erik didn’t waste any time applying and was recruited with two other seniors from MacArthur. The new interns spent the summer working alongside our linemen and learned the role of a distribution trainee.

While linemen worked in bucket trucks above, the interns learned to work handlines – a pulley system used to safely send up equipment. They also picked up debris and spare bits of electrical wire while taking time to hydrate and apply other safety practices.

“It means a lot to be the first ones out here,” said Erik. “I really like how everyone works as a team. They’re willing to teach us how to do the job right and we get a lot done in a short amount of time. By lunch time, we’re already done with half the job.”

Erik was also impressed by the generosity of his coworkers. If he or an intern didn’t have money for lunch, the linemen were happy to buy lunch for them.

“Everyone looks after each other like family,” said Erik. “That really got my attention. It made me want to work here even more!”

Erik Trevino
Erik has a passion for working hard every day at CPS Energy. His strong work ethic and determination made him stand out during his internship.

Erik loved it so much that he came back the following summer and made a good impression with his mentors. They encouraged him to apply. Shortly after graduating in the spring, he became a full-time employee with our Integrated Underground Civil Support team.

“Being a part of it is amazing,” said Erik. “Some of the customers we help are very polite and they understand that we’re here doing the job and trying to get all the power back on. I love it.”

Watch the video for more on Erik’s story:

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Sam Taylor

Sam is part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.

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