Make saving energy a family affair

Summer means longer days which bring lots of opportunities for amazing vacations, family BBQs and adventures but if you have kids at home, summer can also mean higher energy bills. Your kids being home from school combined with overall hotter temperatures creates higher-than-normal demand, but there is plenty of time before the new school year starts to reduce your energy bill.   

While there is no life hack to reducing your energy bill, there are simple steps you can take to manage your summer energy bill, and best of all… they’re kid-friendly.

Kids of all ages can learn the principles of saving energy, so we’ve put together a list of tips to help you engage your children in using less energy.

  • Lights out. Ask kids to turn lights off when they leave a room. They can turn them back on when they need to.
  • Use fans. Fans keep people cool and use less electricity than
    the A/C.
  • Unplug! Send the kids outside to play. Keep them cool with popsicles, sprinklers or even a game of water balloon toss. Give those
    video games and TV shows a break.
  • Close the fridge door. When getting a snack from the refrigerator, be sure kids are not holding the door open and letting cold air out.
  • Use water wisely. Remind kids to turn the water off when brushing their teeth. Have kids take a quick 5-10 minute shower rather than a bath.
  • Get rid of “phantoms”. “Phantom” energy is the electricity drawn from outlets when equipment is off but still plugged in. Unplug electronics and appliances such as televisions, game consoles, DVD/DVR players and small kitchen appliances that use electricity (and cost you money) even when they are off.
  • Enjoy a no-cook meal. Instead of cooking, prepare cold meals such as salads and sandwiches. Cut down on energy usage and avoid heating up the house.

Consider adding some of these energy-saving responsibilities to your family’s chore or to-do list. By participating in energy savings activities, children are learning new habits that will follow them to adulthood. Visit for more energy-savings tips.

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