Listening and learning from our customers

Finding ways to improve service for customers is an important part of every organization’s ongoing efforts, and listening is the first step. Recently we heard from our customers that the construction service process was an area where changes were needed, so over the last 6 months we’ve been working hard to do just that.

So what exactly is the construction service process?

Anytime a builder, land developer, or contractor needs electric or gas service added or changed for a building or neighborhood, they apply for this request through the construction service process. Our team and the applicant work together to coordinate design, paperwork, and scheduling work in order to successfully deliver this service. This is an important process that depends on a close partnership between us and the builder, developer, and contractor in order to keep construction of projects on schedule. You want to move into that new house on your planned closing date? The close collaboration between the builder and CPS Energy is part of what makes that possible!

In response to our customer’s feedback we took immediate and purposeful steps to act – beginning with the formation of the Construction Service Improvement (CSI) project. Our focus is to deliver improvements through process changes, new technology, and most importantly, by partnering with our customers who use this process every day. Our customers are extremely important in this effort, and they must have a voice if the changes we put in place are to meet their needs.

We met with a group of customers to get their thoughts and feedback on what information and notifications they’d like to receive from CPS Energy:

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The customers will continue to work closely with the CSI team over the next few weeks to help shape and improve the new notification system, which goes live in late November.

Thanks to the strengths and dedication our employees bring every day when supporting our customers, the CSI project is well on its way towards getting the first series of improvements in place. Stay tuned for more updates from the CSI team, we have a lot coming in the near future!

About the Author:

Paul Rice is a Principal Consultant with Black & Veatch, and leads the customer engagement, marketing, and program development side of the firm’s practice. He has years of utility industry experience in senior leadership and consulting roles, and has an extensive background in customer-facing product strategy and design.

Black & Veatch has been contracted by CPS Energy to help drive improvements to the construction service process; providing resources and experience to help in the development and implementation of process, technology, and customer experience changes that meet the needs of CPS Energy and its customers.


Albert was part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.

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