Knowledge is Power during COVID-19, Use My Energy Portal

Cooking three meals a day, running the AC, dishwasher, computers, video games, and other electric equipment for an estimated 16 hours a day, seven days a week. These are the activities taking place in most homes across our communities as we patiently stay home safe during this unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic.

With schools and businesses shut down and many people working remotely, or perhaps furloughed, electricity use in our homes is on a sharp rise. How can you manage your use?

Knowledge is power. And, that’s where My Energy Portal comes in.

My Energy Portal shows your energy use in near real time, as recently as the day before. Seeing the energy spikes happening in your home, broken down every 15-minutes, you can think back to the day before or earlier that week and remember how you were using energy – meal in the oven, clothes in the washer, teen taking an extra long shower, or the air conditioner was cycling on and off.

You can access My Energy Portal within our Manage My Account (MMA) portal. Visit for more information.

Without a doubt, your daily energy spikes are more frequent and consistent than they were months ago before the coronavirus, or COVID-19, pandemic swept through South Texas and our nation.  If you spent most of your day away from home at work and diligently worked to make sure your then-empty home was using as little energy as possible, your energy profile might look a little something like this.

Once schools closed and the entire family began staying safe inside the house, your energy use may have turned into this, or worse.

Consistently checking and managing your energy use is the best way to keep bills from becoming unmanageable. Being able to see and know how the actions in your home cause energy spikes is the first key. You can then change behaviors or habits to better control those spikes.

The second key is becoming more energy efficient through the vast library of tips found in My Energy Portal under the Ways to Save tab. The portal provides ideas that you perhaps had not thought about. You can then save your tips and the portal will remind you of the top 5 for your home. 

There’s no need to be stuck in the dark about your energy use or wait until you get the bill after you’ve used a full month’s worth. Visit and log in to Manage My Account. Go to My Energy Portal, compare your past and current energy use, and take steps to save.

Need more help? Check out this video for some of the best ways to cut back your energy use.

And, join us today, April 28 at 2:30 p.m. for our Facebook Live event!

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