Hello Spring Break!

Ahhh Spring Break. Everyone loves having the kids home for the week and having life move at a slower pace. While we all love lounging at home and having no school events to attend, having the kids cooped up for the week could put a strain on our sanity and theirs, not to mention the pocketbook with the increase in energy use and in-home entertainment. 

The good news is there are plenty of easy energy saving tips to help manage energy costs while the kids are home and plenty of free and low-cost activities right here in San Antonio including options provided by the City of San Antonio.

Teaching kids how to save energy at home gets them personally invested in helping your family save for more important things, like vacations, college and the latest electronics. Good energy-saving practices reduce energy consumption and that means more money to spend on the family.

Here are some easy energy-saving tips to try this Spring Break and every day. 

  • Lights out. Ask the kids to turn the lights off when they leave a room. They can turn them back on when they need to.
  • Use fans. Fans keep people cool and use less electricity than the A/C.
  • Unplug! Give those video games and TV shows a break and make sure they unplug them when not in use.
  • Close the fridge door. When getting a snack from the refrigerator, be sure kids are not holding the door open and letting cold air out.
  • Use water wisely. Remind kids to turn the water off when brushing their teeth. Have kids take a quick 5-minute shower rather than a bath.
  • Enjoy a no-cook meal. Instead of cooking, prepare a cold meal like sandwiches and salads. Big win for parents!

Now that you are armed with some energy savings tips – time to have some fun.

Get outside and enjoy the outdoors

The sun is out, and the temperatures are wonderful. Getting the kids outside will do great for the mind and help burn some of that built up energy. Spring Break is a great opportunity to dust off the bikes and head to the park. 

The Parks and Recreation Department maintains more than 240 parks including gymnasiums, sports facilities and recreation centers. With over 15,000 acres of park land, including more than 150 miles of walking, hiking and biking trails, there is something for everyone.

Find a park in your neighborhood or participate in one of the many programs and classes offered.

Check out the library

The San Antonio Public Library coordinates great events and programs for kids during spring break and summer.

The Library system is comprised of the Central Library and 29 branch libraries. The extensive collection of eBooks and eAudiobooks as well as printed books, CDs, and DVDs will make the kids forget they are in a library.

The library also offers Wi-Fi, computer access and other digital technology. Most of the services are free or have minimal cost.

Other low-cost options include playing tourist at the Riverwalk or visiting Market Square, the Carver Community Cultural Center or one of city’s museums, galleries or exhibits.

Regardless of the activity you choose this Spring Break, slow down and have fun. Exploring the city is a great way to spend time with the kids. Utilizing these energy savings tips will save energy and money to spend on creating fun lasting memories with the kids.

These are all great ways to get out of the house and save energy, but we want to make sure our community is staying safe. Be sure to check out the City of San Antonio’s website for tips on how to protect yourself from COVID-19 while you are out and about.

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