Foreman follows parents’ advice to be fair, work hard

Patty Garcia was never afraid of hard work. This work ethic was instilled in her at a young age by her parents, who also shared with her the importance of being responsible and fair.

With Women’s History Month commemorated in March, we want to spotlight a few of the hundreds of women at CPS Energy serving in various roles to ensure our company’s success in delivering affordable, reliable power to our customers.

Today, we shine the light on Patty, who has nearly 32 years of service with CPS Energy and works at our Southwest Center in Underground Integrated Operations. She is among a handful of female CPS Energy employees who work in the field and is one of only three female foremen.

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Like her parents showed and taught her many years ago, Patty leads her crew by example and works alongside them to repair and reroute electric services. We recently sat down with Patty to learn more about her career with CPS Energy.

Q:  What led you to a career with CPS Energy?

Patty:  I was seeking employment with an established company that would offer me a career with potential growth and benefits.

Q:  What achievements at CPS Energy are you most proud of?                                                      

Patty:  As an employee of 32 years and a foreman of 20 years, I enjoy working in the field — operating equipment as well as working and guiding all my crew members to work safely and follow standards daily to install underground services to our customers. Every day is a challenge, but every day is also rewarding.

I progressed from Utility Worker to Trainee to Operator to Foreman. Becoming a Foreman was like a notch in my belt.

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Q:  What types of equipment do you operate?

Patty:  All types of heavy equipment: excavators, backhoes, skid loaders, forklifts, EZ haulers, cranes and others. Also, I drive all types of commercial vehicles.

Q:  Have you ever had anyone tell you that you didn’t belong in the field or that you’d never make it?

Patty:  When I first started, I was told, ‘I guarantee you’ll be crying by the end of the day.’ I responded right back that ‘I didn’t come here to cry, I came here to work.’

I had to prove myself. I did it; I handled it.

Q:  Did you have any female role models or mentors growing up or in your career?

Patty:  My mentor is my mother. Growing up I learned from her strong work ethics, responsibilities, and how important it is to be dependable and to always do your best.

Q:  In three words or less, how would you describe yourself?

Patty:  Determined. Leader. Dependable.

Pam Maris

Pam is part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.

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