Unplugged: A foreman's fight to get fit

Jose Reyes, a Gas Leak Detection Foreman, leads his crew to respond to calls of natural gas odors. Working around natural gas is a dangerous job that requires 100 percent commitment. Outside of work, Jose has applied the same commitment to his health.

After an injury, Jose slid into a sedentary lifestyle. Unhappy with his weight gain and motivated to make a change, Jose stepped into the ring at the Fighting Warrior Dojo to get fit. One year later, his champion effort resulted in dropping 80 lbs. He also found a new motivation for maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

“I like the way I feel physically,” said Jose. “I’m not so tired. I’m not so winded all the time and fatigued. Half the battle is walking through these doors. Once I get in here, it’s go time! I saw the weight fall off and my mentality changed on how I approached weight loss, physical fitness and everyday life.”

Sam Taylor

Sam is part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.

One thought on “Unplugged: A foreman's fight to get fit

  • Jose,

    You are an inspiration! Really proud of you and your family!


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