Family in need quickly receives energy saving improvements

The Jordan family was excited to move into an affordable home, but soon became discouraged after learning it wasted energy and drove up monthly energy bills to as much as $370. Joseph and Yvonne work full-time to support three kids, so the cost of a new home and high energy bills really put a strain on the family budget.

“We just moved in and noticed extremely high electric bills,” said Yvonne. “With a big family it’s important to keep all your costs very affordable.”

With no way to afford the changes needed to lower their bills, the couple turned to CPS Energy’s Casa Verde program for help. Within a few weeks, the couple qualified for up to $5,000 of free energy saving improvements, including a vented wall furnace, wall and attic insulation, solar screens and more. They were impressed with how quick and easy it was to get started.

“The turnaround time was spectacular,” Yvonne said. “It was very easy to apply and get started. They were already on the phone the next day telling me we were approved! They were ready to come in 48 hours to do the assessment.”

Now the Jordans are on their way to conserving energy and saving money. Yvonne highly recommends the program to anyone who qualifies.

“What y’all are doing for your customers shows that you care about us as individuals and as families, so on behalf of us, the Jordan family, and all of your other customers, thank you very much.”

Watch the video to learn more about the Jordans and see the free energy saving improvements they received.

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To find out if you qualify for the Casa Verde program Click here and fill out an online request form and one of our specialist will contact you.


Sam Taylor

Sam is part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.

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