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As we commemorate Women’s History Month, CPS Energy wants to shine the light on some of the more than 700 women who make up our workforce. Each of these women plays an important role in delivering power to our customers, supporting our community and in making a difference in other people’s lives.

We recently had the opportunity to visit with Trena Wiseman, who’s been with the utility for 25 years and serves as an interim senior manager in Audit Services where she, among other responsibilities, assists the Vice President of Audit Services with activities related to the CPS Energy Audit Committee and South Texas Project Audit Group.

Here are some of the things she shared with us during our recent interview:

CPS Energy: How is the work you do at our Company important to our stakeholders, customers and community?

Trena: As part of the audit process, I work with business areas to identify their business objectives, identify the things that can prevent them from achieving those business objectives, and then look for what can be put in place so they can address concerns and still achieve their business objectives in a way that is cost effective, efficient and adds value.

CPS Energy: Did you have any female role models growing up or in your professional career? How did they help you? 

Trena: My number one female role model growing up was my mother.  She worked outside of the home from the time I entered elementary school, but she always found a way to be involved in the Parent Teacher Association (PTA), Girl Scouts, and any activities my sisters and I participated in.  She taught me the importance of being responsible, kind and considerate, and of working hard and always doing your best regardless of the task in front of you.  I try to use those lessons she shared with me every day and make her proud of the woman I’ve become.

CPS Energy: In what ways have you served as a role model or mentor for others?

Trena: I share my work and life experiences with other women, especially girls and young women. I’ve always had a special place in my heart for children and throughout my adult life have worked with the Girl Scouts. I’ve also participated in various mentoring programs, including CPS Energy’s Student Assistance for Education (SAFE) program.  I’ve tried to impart upon the young women and students that each of us has special gifts we can develop and share with others.

CPS Energy: What changes have you seen over the years regarding women’s careers and the roles women are filling?

Trena: I’ve seen more women move into non-traditional careers; however, I think there is still work to be done to better expose women to information about non-traditional skills and opportunities.  I’ve seen both men and women be more open to the idea of a woman serving in a role that previously would have been held by a man.

CPS Energy: What advice do you have for women to help them be successful and reach their potential?

Trena: The advice I have is based on advice I’ve heard from Paula Gold-Williams, our President & CEO, and I’ve shared it many times. Women often will not pursue an opportunity such as serving on a sub-committee, board or taking on a new role until we feel we are 85 to 90% ready, but our male counterparts will move forward when they feel they are 40 to 50% ready. It’s important for girls and women to take a chance and try something new, even when they do not feel completely prepared, especially if someone you trust is encouraging and asking you to pursue the opportunity.  I think this is invaluable advice, and I wish I had heard it when I was much younger.

Thank you, Trena, for being an inspiration to others and for the work you’ve done at our utility to help pave the way for others.

Pam Maris

Pam is part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.

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