Message from our CEO Doyle N. Beneby

Doyle N. Beneby, President/CEO CPS Energy
Doyle N. Beneby, President and CEO          CPS Energy

Although many of you might have already heard, I’m sharing with you what I consider to be bittersweet news. I’ve recently notified our Board of Trustees of my intention to resign from my position as President and CEO, effective September 30, 2015.

It has been my privilege to lead what I consider to be the best job in public power, and to serve the community of San Antonio.

I’m very proud of the value the CPS Energy team has been able to bring to the community during my tenure as CEO.  And I’d like to thank the generous and supportive array of stakeholders and partners, including the City of San Antonio (City Manager Sheryl Sculley), Bexar County, the local Chambers of Commerce, the business community, environmental stakeholders, and various educational, non-governmental and philanthropic organizations.

It’s been an incredible journey for me and my family, and although I am grateful for the outpouring of kind words and compliments directed my way, CPS Energy and the San Antonio community have done much more for me and my family than we can ever reciprocate.

Lastly, I want to again thank the 3,200 CPS Energy employees for allowing me the honor of leading them over the past five years.

Going forward, within a few weeks, I’ll be able to share what my next career adventure will be. I also hope to stay connected in some way, to the San Antonio Community for many years to come.

With gratitude and warm regards,

2 thoughts on “Message from our CEO Doyle N. Beneby

  • Mr. Beneby, The work you have done to bring in other businesses to San Antonio that wish to “partner” with CPS will leave a positive impact on San Antonio and CPS for generations. It is my hope that your replacement will lead by your example and continue the process. Best of luck to you in your new ventures.

  • Thanks for leading CPS Energy in the area of alternative renewable energy sources. I hope your predecessor will do the same on steroids :-). Seriously thanks for bringing San Antonio to map on Solar Energy and all the other sources.


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