Customer Response Unit (CRU) Brings Thanksgiving to Needy Families

It’s the season of giving, and CPS Energy has been out and about in the community, making sure families in need are able to enjoy the holidays. Last week, team members from our Customer Response Unit (CRU) celebrated their annual CRUsGiving by bringing 20 fully-cooked Thanksgiving meals to customers who are going through tough financial times.

“We hope you have a happy Thanksgiving and we just want to help in any way we can,” said Ronnie Guest, Community Field Service Representative, to one of the families he visited. “Our motto is ‘People First’ and we are invested in this community and we care about people.”

Laura Jacobs, Manager of Community Program Development, said CRUsGiving originally was a simple idea to help needy customers, but blossomed into something bigger when her team saw just how much of an impact the gesture had.

“It came about just from wanting to help people,” Laura said. “Quite a bit of people can’t afford a holiday. We saw that there was a need out there so we decided to help, especially because a lot of agencies run out of money near the end of the year. So every little bit helps.”

In each home the team visited, happy hugs were exchanged, photos were taken and even a few tears were shed. Every family expressed gratitude for the opportunity to have a Thanksgiving with their loved ones.

“Thank you all for what you do,” said Kimberly, a mother of four who received a meal. “We need help sometimes and because of you all we have some good times at the holidays. Sometimes stubborn people like me won’t ask for help, but it’s good to know you all are there for me.”

Trace Levos

Trace is a part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.

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