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San Antonio, TX – July 10, 2019 – Today, CPS Energy President & CEO, Paula Gold-Williams announced another step in the company’s Flexible Path, called the Power BundleFlex.  As the foundation, the Flexible Path was previously introduced by Gold-Williams in early 2018 to the CPS Energy Board of Trustees and at that point the executive team launched an extensive education and public comment program. The program included comments and dialogue with customers, businesses, civic leaders, educators and administrators, associations and chambers, environmentalists, credit ratings agencies, and other interested stakeholders.  Importantly, the initially proposed Power BundleFlex will be accompanied by a new round of exploratory public engagement.     

Broadly, the Flexible Path is a fresh, strategic approach that the CPS Energy executive team is using to thoughtfully discover, explore and implement new power generation solutions over the next 20 years and beyond.  It is a straightforward framework that is helping CPS Energy conceptualize how to skillfully manage its existing assets, while incrementally and purposefully transitioning to newer power generation technologies.  Along the way, the executive team continues to prudently balance security, safety, reliability, resilience, the environment, and affordability. 

The Power BundleFlex is a “blended energy approach” through which CPS Energy will consider adding more incremental capacity.  The following represents the general framework / components of the Power BundleFlex:

“The Power BundleFlex is a diversified solution set that recognizes today’s renewables alone cannot support all of the community’s customers consistently and reliably, 24/7/365.  Prudently, it is a generation package that will ensure the community can move forward, while maximizing the existing community-owned generation assets, which are powered by gas, coal, solar, wind and nuclear sources,” said Paula Gold-Williams, President & CEO of CPS Energy.  “Both the Flexible Path and the Power BundleFlex will help our community move closer to a practical and cleaner energy footprint.”

Based on our previous outreach successes, CPS Energy will again seek opportunities to speak to a broad array of stakeholders. Helpful information will be posted online, including today’s addition of a new survey tool located at While it is very short, it will provide good preliminary feedback.  CPS Energy will also make this quick survey, and other key information, available at our People First! Community Fairs and at its Customer Service Centers. Additionally, the company will provide the responses to the survey on a periodic basis.

Over the last 159 years, CPS Energy has been, and will continue to be, a utility industry leader that has a solid list of accomplishments that have brought increased value to its customers and community.  Below is a summarized list of a few of those accomplishments and milestones.