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(San Antonio, Texas) – February 24, 2021 – Last week’s historic winter weather conditions caused increased energy demand and some fuel prices reached an all-time high. Reports circulated of customers around the state receiving skyrocketing bills from other utilities. As a precaution, CPS Energy officials suspended AutoPay, some billing activities, and the My Energy Portal tool to review data to ensure customers’ bills did not reflect inaccuracies due to the extreme conditions. The utility is also reviewing potential financial implications of the historically high fuel costs to develop strategies to keep customers’ bills affordable.

My Energy Portal, a tool that displays usage data to help customers view and manage their energy usage year-round, is back online for viewing energy consumption details. Customers must be enrolled in Manage My Account ( to have access to My Energy Portal. My Energy Portal displays historical energy consumption and usage charges. Energy charges displayed in My Energy Portal do not include regulatory, fuel adjustment, or city service fees. Therefore, the costs displayed in My Energy Portal do not match bill totals. CPS Energy is providing a navigation guide in English and in Spanish to help customers understand what they see in My Energy Portal.

No fees or additional charges from last week’s winter event are included in current CPS Energy bills.

The utility will resume the AutoPay process on Friday, February 26, 2021, for customers currently enrolled in AutoPay. Any AutoPay payments that were scheduled to occur during the time the system was paused will also be submitted for payment. Customers enrolled in AutoPay are receiving calls with information about how to unenroll. AutoPay payments are generated two days before the due date on the bill, allowing time for bill review in advance of the automated payment. Payments are withdrawn from customer bank accounts 2-3 business days after the automated payment. Late fees are currently waived for AutoPay customers.

Customers wishing to stop automatic payments can cancel AutoPay through Manage My Account or by calling CPS Energy at 210-353-6110. Customers who cancel their AutoPay enrollment will need to make other payment arrangements and can re-enroll in AutoPay at a later date if they choose. Information on other ways to pay can be found here.

Customers who are experiencing financial hardship are encouraged to contact CPS Energy if they haven’t already done so. The utility has a variety of money-saving and general assistance programs for customers. Additionally, knowledgeable Energy Advisors have information about organizations in the community that also provide utility bill assistance. As a reminder, CPS Energy has suspended energy disconnects and is waiving late fees on unpaid balances for customers who participate in a company-sponsored payment plan.

For more details, customers can visit or call 210-353-2222 to speak to one of CPS Energy’s knowledgeable Energy Advisors.