CPS Energy's Intern 101: Meet Catherine Espinoza

Meet our intern Catherine Espinoza.

Catherine admits she’s a city girl who isn’t used to changing tires, but this summer she’s rolling up her sleeves to repair flats and work on engines for Fleet Operations. So far, Espinoza has learned basic hydraulics, how to fix brakes, basic engine repairs, including basic electrical and preventive maintenance.

She is not only one of the first students to intern for Fleet Operations, but she and fellow intern, Elizabeth Cabrera, are the first females in our history to work on mechanical jobs with our Fleet team.

“The things I’ve read in text books are like nothing I’ve done here,” she said.

Catherine is a senior at Sam Houston High School who has already completed four college courses through Alamo Academies, a program offered by the Alamo Colleges. The Alamo Academies is an innovative training and educational partnership that provides education and job opportunities for high school students seeking to jump-start their future.

Check out this video of Catherine and her summer internship experience.

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Espinoza is one of a dozen high school students interning with us this summer through the Students Interested in Technical Education (SITE) program. The purpose of the SITE program is to generate interest in welding, manufacturing, information technology, heavy equipment and other trades taught at Alamo Academies at the high school level. Most importantly, they develop a pipeline of young workers prepared to take jobs within our industry.

Sam Taylor

Sam is part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.

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