CPS Energy's Citizen Advisory Committee makes a capitol investment

Our Citizens Advisory Committee (CAC) recently invested some time in Austin to see first hand how CPS Energy is playing an active role with state lawmakers.

House Rep. Justin Rodriguez, CAC members, CPS Energy’s External Relations team and other staff members stop for a snapshot on the stairs at the Capitol.

Seven CAC members recently visited with State Representatives and State Senate members from the San Antonio area at the Capitol. They also listened in on some of the proposed bills that were being discussed on the Senate floor.

Our CAC is made of up of 15 volunteers who meet once a month to learn about and offer guidance to CPS Energy and its Board of Trustees on a range of issues including rate increase request, expanding infrastructure, generation decisions, and in the case of the Austin visit, learn about proposed legislative bills that could impact CPS Energy.

Members of the External Relations team guided the CAC on the tour in Austin. External Relations works with elected officials in and out of session to create awareness of CPS Energy’s interests, and serve as a resource on energy issues.

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