CPS Energy & Zpryme creating new paths to SA’s Future

The days of tomorrow for thriving major cities won’t rely on a handful of individuals to set the path to the future but will instead look upon its people for guidance. That is truly the philosophy behind the upcoming City of the Future conference. This unique two-day event aiming to create a national forum that inspires communities, people and companies to create actionable smart city partnerships, as well as programs that meet the needs of all people, is set for Feb. 25-26 at the Tobin Center

The power industry could be one of the most disrupted in the next decade, as the potential grows for renewables and new technologies that will revolutionize how we generate electricity. Therefore, CPS Energy has partnered with Zpryme, an energy and technology research company, to invite hundreds of changemakers and influencers to participate in this dynamic learning experience.

As the President & CEO of the largest community-owned utility in the nation, Paula Gold-Williams of CPS Energy has worked directly with industry experts in technology, academia and government. In addition, Gold-Williams serves as a Dentons Smart Cities/Communities Think Tank Energy Industry co-chair. Among all the ideas and discussions one thing is obvious—there will be major energy decisions to be made in the coming years.

“Communities across the globe are working together through partnerships with city leaders and utilities to merge the convergence of what its citizens need and how technology can meet those needs,” said Gold-Williams. “San Antonio is at the forefront of those discussions and, along with our municipal leaders and partner organizations, we will emerge as a city of the future.” 

The day that will put San Antonio on the map as a city comprised of future cities pioneers will be Feb. 26—Day 2 of the conference. This day will have a global overview and move attendees deeper into the most significant details of what it takes to build a truly smart city for the people and the challenges we must face as a community. Epic discoveries that will lead to solutions to everyday concerns, such as healthcare, safety, transportation, food, and of course, energy will be discussed.

Throughout both days, a diverse speaking lineup of experts and visionaries from across the U.S. will bring a people-centered approach to designing and building the future. CPS Energy will also showcase an interactive virtual reality (VR) tour with technology developed by Zpryme, of what San Antonio is expected to look like in the future. This is a one-of-a-kind conference that you won’t want to miss.

For more information about Zpryme’s City of the Future conference taking place in San Antonio Feb. 25-26, please visit click here. For more information about Zpryme, please visit click here.

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