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CPS Energy prepares for freezing temperatures and record demand for electricity

Freezing temperatures are predicted across CPS Energy’s service territory tonight and into the morning. According to the National Weather Service, San Antonians will ring in the New Year with cold and breezy conditions and possibly freezing drizzle.

As usual, CPS Energy crews are on stand-by and prepared to respond to customer needs. “We have been monitoring the weather and temperature for days now,” said Rudy Garza, Sr. VP of Distribution Services & Operations.  “When the temperatures drop below freezing and we get drizzle, we have the potential for outages due to ice on power lines and an increase in downed tree limbs.”

With the drop in temperatures, the state will likely see an increase in electricity demand.

“We are closely monitoring operations to meet what is expected to be record electricity demand,” Garza said. “While we may see record demand going into the New Year, we are prepared to manage the increase in usage.”

If conditions were to change and require additional measures to ensure sufficient power generation capacity, CPS Energy could implement their voluntary Demand Response program. Demand response is a load curtailment program initiated by utilities to reduce high energy demand during extreme temperatures.

CPS Energy is offering these tips to customers to help them stay warm and safe:

  • Bundle up: Wearing warm, comfortable clothing is the easiest and least expensive way to stay warm indoors.
  • Reverse the direction of ceiling fans: Run ceiling fans in reverse to push hot air down.
  • Close curtains: Close curtains and lower blinds to prevent heat from escaping. This will provide an extra barrier to heat loss and helps add insulation and reduce drafts.
  • Make sure cell phones, tablets and laptops are fully charged.
  • Do not connect portable generators to your home’s electrical wiring and keep children and pets away from generators at all times
  • Do not use a natural gas or electric oven or stove top for heating.
  • Gather essential supplies needed during an outage, including flashlight, batteries, bottled water, medication and a first aid kit.
  • Report unsafe situations involving electricity or natural gas immediately by calling 911, and CPS Energy at 210-353-2222.

For additional safety tips, please visit

Customers can stay up-to-date on outages on Facebook and Twitter or online at Customers can also report outages online or by calling 210-353-2222 and can sign up for Energy Alerts at through Manage My Account.

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