CPS Energy Fleet- Keeping essential workers on the road

You probably see them on the road or around your neighborhood – CPS Energy vehicles transporting essential workers and equipment to make sure you have the electric and natural gas services you need. What you don’t see, however, are the team members in CPS Energy’s Fleet department. These automotive professionals work tirelessly to ensure those vehicles are serviced and ready to do their job.

Last year alone, CPS Energy vehicles traveled more than 10 million miles – imagine the amount of maintenance required for that to happen! Dispersed between 8 garages, the Fleet team is crucial to CPS Energy’s operation. In a time in which people are using their cars less, this team has continued their essential work to make sure vehicles are maintained so that field employees have safe and reliable transportation.   

From Trainee Mechanics to Apprentice Mechanics and Journeyman Mechanics, the work each employee contributes is an integral part of the reliability and resiliency CPS Energy provides its community. Mobile Truck Fuelers arrive at work at 5 a.m. each day to ensure vehicles are fueled and ready to go so that CPS Energy employees can remain in the field working to keep the power on.

This team has maintained a 97 percent availability rate, which measures the percent of vehicles and equipment that are available without being down for a major repair or unavailable longer than a day. They have also won countless awards and recognitions including, most recently, a place in the 2020 Top 100 Best Fleets in the Americas, the 2020 ReWorks SA Gold Certification, an award celebrating CPS Energy’s commitment to waste reduction and recycling, and recognition as a Notable Fleet among other public entities in the 2020 Leading Fleets by Government Fleet magazine & The American Public Works Association.

Recognizing our commitment to the environment, CPS Energy was honored to win the Green Fleet Award in 2019. CPS Energy made the largest purchase of any utility or private company of 34 XLP Plug-In Hybrid Electric Ford F-150 pickup trucks in 2018 to gain 50% better fuel economy and a comparable reduction in emissions over similar vehicles. Currently, there are 60 hybrid electric vehicles in the CPS Energy fleet. Driving hybrid and other well-maintained vehicles reduces pollutants in the community.

The CPS Energy family sends a big thank you to our hardworking Fleet team for the work they continue to do to make sure we can all do our jobs a little easier. Check out the video below for a personalized thank you from CPS Energy employees!

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