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CPS Energy crews restore power to Floresville substation

Residents urged to use caution with generators

Severe weather that swept through South Texas early this morning caused major damage to CPS Energy’s Floresville substation, taking the facility offline. Crews have been onsite all day and are now bringing the substation back online. The facility delivers power to the Floresville Electric Light & Power System (FELPS) and an area of CPS Energy’s service territory.

Repairing all the damage at the substation will take days but crews worked to get critical components replaced quickly. With the restoration work complete, the facility is ready to service FELPS as soon as its distribution system is ready.

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“It’s pretty bad down here. The roof almost came off of the substation’s control house, and the fence line and a home next to the substation are gone,” said substation manager Jeff Juarez.

Hundreds of CPS Energy employees live in the Floresville area, including the majority of the crews working on the substation. FELPS requested two other crews to help clear debris so power lines can be reconnected. Per the request, CPS Energy sent two contract crews this morning.

While residents are waiting for power to be restored, they are cautioned not to plug generators into outlets at their home. Direct generator-to-house power is known as “backfeeding” and it creates an electrocution risk to utility employees and neighbors served by the same transformer. Backfeeding also could damage appliances and devices in the home. Instead, residents should plug cords, including extension cords, into the generator.

Carbon monoxide poisoning is another risk if generators are not used safely. Residents should never use generators indoors. For more safety tips, visit the American Red Cross website.

Christine Patmon

Christine is part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.

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