CPS Energy announces its first ever Energy Efficiency Champion

The bustling coffeeshop culture in San Antonio is incredibly competitive. You would think most shop owners would just focus on serving the best coffee and pastries and not worry about other things like energy efficiency. José Ramon Campos prefers to do both at his CommonWealth Coffeehouse & Bakery locations throughout the city.

These efforts were recognized by CPS Energy on June 11 at CommonWealth’s Evergreen Street location near San Antonio College. Christine Patmon of the Energy 2 Business Team gave an on-the-spot recognition to CommonWealth Coffeehouse & Bakery as CPS Energy’s first ever Energy Efficiency Champion. The location features energy efficient LED lighting, tight seals on all refrigerators, a top-notch gas kitchen, and weather stripping on all doors and windows. José also enrolled the coffeehouse on Evergreen in CPS Energy’s Thermostat Rewards program.

“This is just something that makes sense…I think it’s something we’ve been doing since the get go,” said José Ramon Campos. “You see where San Antonio is going with downtown revitalization, that long term plan, it’s exciting and we want to be a part of that.”  

In addition to those money-saving features in the coffeehouse, the produce, honey, and jams are all locally sourced from area farms. Even the eggs used in many of the French inspired food offerings come from chickens raised right here in San Antonio. The location also touts an herb garden at the front entrance that the chefs use as ingredients to their recipes.

CommonWealth Coffeehouse & Bakery takes a fresh and unique approach to what they do, and CPS Energy is proud to recognize them for their forward-thinking approach to energy efficiency.

Are you happy with the wonderful food, product or service you are providing San Antonio, but your energy bill is a different story? Follow the footsteps of José and utilize your community-owned utility to provide the resources to meet your energy saving goals. Click here to learn more.

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