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CPS Energy announced today that Braunig and Calaveras lakes, along with the nearby company parks, will be open to the public during the Memorial Day weekend.

 “We will continue to implement safety measures to protect visitors. Safety is first and foremost and our goal is to protect those who choose to enjoy our facilities,” said Brian Spruiell, Director of Facility Operations at CPS Energy. “ CPS Energy was one of the early adopters of social distancing and we will continue to maintain those practices at our facilities.”

The lakes and parks opened recently following an extended closure resulting from statewide and local social distancing mandates amid the COVID-19 pandemic. To ensure visitors remain vigilant about their safety as well as the safety of others, the following guidelines and measures have been adopted:

  • Face coverings or masks are recommended
  • Social distancing of 6 feet from others should be maintained 
  • No camping: customers limited to day use only
  • No more than four individuals per boat
  • Park capacity is limited to 1,500 visitors per park
  • Playground areas and facility stores are closed

As a precaution, the limited park capacity is intended to help minimize the potential spread of COVID-19. Visitors are asked to please exercise patience as long lines to enter the park are a possibility. Visitors are also reminded to adhere to all warning and caution signs while enjoying the lakes and parks. More information can be found at

John Moreno

John is part of the Corporate Communications team at CPS Energy.

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